GPS trackers and SOS buttons for the safety and security of the elderly

We promote the autonomy and security of the elderly and give families peace of mind

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We offer complementary services for Telecare companies, public health system as well as residential centers that help improve their current services by monitoring and communications with people anywhere.

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Our GPS Devices

The Nock Senior by Neki devices are ideal for elderly people at risk of becoming disoriented or suffering from the initial stages of Alzheimer's. They also have a hidden GPS so that the family can monitor their loved one while safeguarding their privacy at the same time.

For more information on our products, contact uss and we will help you find the best option for you and your loved ones.

Reloj GPS Nock Senior 4 by Neki
Senior Watch 4
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Colgante/Llavero GPS Nock Senior by Neki
Pendant / Keyring
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Colgante/Llavero GPS Nock Senior 2 by Neki
Pendant / Keyring 2
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Colgante detector de caidas Nock Senior
Fall Detector
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Devices comparison table

- Reloj Nock Senior 4 Watch 4 Colgante Nock Senior Pendant Colgante Nock Senior 2 Pendant 2 Detector de caidas Nock Senior Fall Detector
Out of home GPS tracker
In-Home GPS tracker
SOS button and calls
Security zones
Security lock
Fall detector
Approximate duration of battery life 2-5 days 2 days 2-3 days 2 days
Charging procedure Magnetic USB Magnetic Charging dock
Warnings and alerts
2 years warranty
Multi operator SIM
Water resistant IP67 IP67
More info More info More info More info

Devices comparison table

Do you want to know all the features of our GPS devices? Check them out in this file!

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Other solutions

Multisensory cushion

Neki cuadernillos de ejercicios cognitivos

Sensory cushion that helps elderly people with cognitive or muscular problems with simple games made of zippers, buttons, etc

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Neki business

Neki B2B Empresas

We offer complementary assistance services outside the home, for telecare companies, socio-health assistance or residential centers.

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We provide effective solutions

At Neki, we understand that each person and situation is unique that’s why we offer a variety of GPS device solutions that don’t cause discomfort for our users. Our solutions offer peace of mind to families and provide the elderly with freedom and autonomy.

Do you want to know more about our value offer? We will explain it to you in this video.

Main Features of Neki


Check the GPS position in real time and without distance limits

Monitor using App

Monitor devices from our Nock app for web, Android and iPhone


Receive various alerts on your device, fully configurable, for the safety and tranquility of your loved ones

Security Zones

Receive alerts if the person enters or leaves an established safe area


The whole family can monitor the same GPS device at the same time

Route mapping

Visualization of the route taken to easily find loved one in case of loss

Why Neki?

With Neki you can securely choose the best (support) for your loved ones, because we are fully dedicated to our commitment to the elderly and their families, providing our solutions to improve their quality of life. We provide peace of mind and security for you and your loved ones. With Neki, your life will be easier and, above all, safer.

24/48 hour delivery

Made in Spain

2 year warranty

15 days trial

Without permanence

Our certificates are endorsed by/we are endorsed by?

And our statistics as well!


families trust us

+100 million

location points


cases of lost people found


residences monitor their “escapers” thanks to us

Testimonials from our clients

Neki clientes valoraciones
Jose Manuel Hernández Alcaraz

The watch Works quite well. They quickly resolved a problem that arose, providing me with fast and superior service.

Neki clientes valoraciones
Cristina Henche

I think it´s a great option that provides peace of mind to families. The service is personalized, very profesional and good solutions offered to problems. My personal experience was great.

Neki clientes valoraciones
Pili Mateo

We purchased it about two years ago for my mother and we are very happy with the tranquility it provides. It´s a superb solution for older people with memory loss problems.