Nock Senior GPS Fall Detector

GPS Fall Detector monitorable by App, for the elderly

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Peace of mind and security with Neki

With our Nock Senior by Neki devices, we make it possible to always stay connected to our family members, because they are the most important people in our lives.

Our Nock Senior Fall Detector is ideal for the elderly, people with Alzheimer's or “escapers” - people who usually wander off. Always know their GPS location through our our Nock app for Android / iPhone / web, and communicate with them through the device by phone calls. Receive alerts on your App each time the device detects a fall so that you can get your loved one the necessary help they need immediately You can see how our devices work in the following video.

In addition, the Nock Senior fall detector can be used in multiple ways *: as a pendant or a keychain, you can carry it in a bag or on a belt ... Adapt it to your needs!
*Accessories for the cane or belt not included.

Nock senior provides the peace and tranquility that you desire for your self and family.

Fall detector features


Know the location of yours at all times with no distance limit to make sure they are still safe at home

Voice Calls

The fall detector allows you to receive and make phone calls with the push of a button.

Total Discretion

Safe materials and ergonomic design. No one will know it is a tracker.

Security zones

Establish security zones and get notified when your loved ones leave or enter them.

SOS Button

When pressed, a notification and the current position of the user are sent to the emergency contact person.

Monitor with the App

Fully manageable through our mobile app or web platform

Colgante detector caidas dock carga by Neki

Do you want to know more about our Fall Detector?

Fall detection sensor

Receive emergency alerts when a fall is detected.

Various accessories

You can attach it to different accessories- wear it on a belt or on walking sticks (accessories are sold separately).

Charging dock

It includes a charging dock to make recharging the battery more convenient.

Colgante detector caidas colores by Neki
Colgante detector de caidas dimensiones by Neki


Colgante detector de caidas Nock Senior by Neki
Colgante detector de caidas Nock Senior by Neki
Colgante detector de caidas Nock Senior by Neki
Colgante detector de caidas Nock Senior by Neki
Colgante detector de caidas Nock Senior by Neki
Colgante detector de caidas Nock Senior by Neki

*Accessories for belt/staff are sold separately

What does our service include?

Indoor and outdoor location

Know the location of the fall detector 24h / day. Indoor and outdoor precision location.

Ready to use

Receive your Nock Senior Fall detector fully configured and ready to use. No need to set anything.

Configured SIM card

The device comes with a SIM card with the data and voice plan fully prepared at no extra cost.

Control with app

Control and configure your Nock Senior Fall Detector using our mobile app or web platform, even by several family members at the same time.

Phone book

Indicate the phone numbers that the fall detector can call and vice versa.

Customer Support

Contact us if you have any problems regarding our products or services. We are at your disposal.

Without permanence

With our monthly plan you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

Testimonials from our clients

Neki clientes valoraciones
Jose Manuel Hernández Alcaraz

The watch Works quite well. They quickly resolved a problem that arose, providing me with fast and superior service.

Neki clientes valoraciones
Cristina Henche

I think it´s a great option that provides peace of mind to families. The service is personalized, very profesional and good solutions offered to problems. My personal experience was great.

Neki clientes valoraciones
Pili Mateo

We purchased it about two years ago for my mother and we are very happy with the tranquility it provides. It´s a superb solution for older people with memory loss problems.

Neki clientes valoraciones
Elena Díaz

It´s been more than a year now since we started using Neki. Our father has early stages of Alzheimer´s disease, he uses the watch and it´s changed our lives! We try to make sure that he is as independent as possible and that he goes for walks by himself while ensuring that we always knowing where he is. The maps are very precise with very little margin of error. The application easy to use, my mother controls it easily. I totally recommend it. We got the watch and we love it

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How many people can track the user?

With the App, several family members can track the device, there is no limit to the number of people who can perform this function. Several relatives can simultaneously control the device from the app as well.

I can track my loved one even if we live in different locations?

Of course, that fact that you are in different locations does not mean that you cannot follow up, because with the App, you will be able to locate your loved ones, regardless of where you are.

Is the subcription permanent?

No, you can cancel at anytime. If you stop using the device for whatever reason, you just have to contact us and request the cancellation. If later you want to reactive the service, just get in contact with us again.

Is it easy to get started?

The device comes ready to use, it is already configured so you just have to charge it and turn it on. In the box you will see a small instruction manual where it says how and where to register and activate the device. It is very simple, but for any questions you can call or email us and we will help you.

Is there a localization radius limit?

There is no limit to the location radius, as long as the device has coverage you will be able to know where it is through the app.