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Multisensory cushion

Multisensory cushion with stumulation games for elderly people

What is the multisensory stimulation?

Multisensory stimulation is very useful to guarantee the treatments the elderly people needs, with an inclusive tool that can be used without any difficulty by people with muscle weakness and cognitive problems.

Our sensory cushion

Our sensory cusion by Neki is very simple: the elder can take it and handle it with the hands or with the help of a relative, and the movements will activate and stimulate the mind.

Although it seems (and is) very simple, it is interesting to see the person interact with the different buttons, zippers and other accessories.

Cojin multisensorial Neki 1
Cojin multisensorial Neki 2
Cojin multisensorial Neki 3

Sensory cushion features

Activate the mind

Help our elders and relatives to activate the mind through the interaction

Activate the body

The use of the different parts of the cushion is also useful for people with muscular weaknesses.

Complete interaction by parts

The cushion has simple accessories to interact such as buttons or zippers


Our relative can work his mind and his physique and have fun with this simple tool. And we can enjoy it with him/her

Testimonials from our clients

Neki clientes valoraciones
Cristina Henche

I think it´s a great option that provides peace of mind to families. The service is personalized, very profesional and good solutions offered to problems. My personal experience was great.

Neki clientes valoraciones
Pili Mateo

We purchased it about two years ago for my mother and we are very happy with the tranquility it provides. It´s a superb solution for older people with memory loss problems.