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GPS device management and control application for seniors

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Security and peace of mind with Nock

With the Nock app you can manage all our devices to ensure the peace of mind and safety of your family members.

Thanks to our Nock app you can establish security zones, see routes travelled in real time, manage alerts and warnings and make calls to GPS devices.

You will have control over the activity of your loved ones 24 hours a day, and your family members will be able to enjoy the peace of mind of maintaining their full autonomy.

Nock is a totally free app.

Nock App Features

Real time positions

Nock app localizacion

Have your loved ones located at all times thanks to real-time GPS positions.

View routes travelled

Nock app recorridos

With the Nock app, you will be able to view the routes that the wearer of the device takes on different dates.


Nock app llamadas

Manage incoming and outgoing calls from the device.

Alert Settings

Nock app alertas

Set alerts every time the user enters or leaves security zones, disconnections alerts, low battery warnings and SOS calls.

Notification History

Nock app historial

View all notifications from all your devices, with detailed information

Contact List

Nock app contactos

Set an emergency contacts list of people the device will call where necessary

Security Zones

Nock app zonas seguridad

Use the App to set security zones

Frequent places

Nock app lugares frecuentes

Configure the most frequented places of the device carrier to have greater control and peace of mind

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Customer Reviews

The customer service is great and they quickly resolve any issues that arise.

The device offers great peace of mind just knowing that your loved one can be located. It has helped me find my relative on more than one occasion, when they have become disoriented and wandered off.

Very good service, a lot of tranquility. Recommended for all families who have relatives with diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Very good service. Very attentive staff. The device gave us a lot of peace of mind and quickly helped resolve a couple of scary situations.

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