FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1. General Questions

I do not receive an activation code

For security, there is a device activation step. Follow the steps in the manual supplied with the device, and if you do not receive the activation code, contact soporte@neki.es and we will solve it as soon as possible.

Battery life duration

Battery life depends on multiple factors: device configuration, location frequency, phone coverage, etc. Under normal conditions, the battery of the devices lasts from 8h to 2-3 days. The devices are supplied with a charger and charging cable.

Water Proof

The Nock Senior 3 watch and the pendant / keychain 2 are have ab IP67 resistance level, this means that it is resistant to splashes but it is not waterproof. If water pours on it, nothing will happen, but the user cannot take a bath with the device. All other devices ( pendant / keychain, fall detector pendant and belt ) are not waterproof.


The device is delivered with a SIM card already included and configured. The service includes the necessary data for the correct operation of the device and 10 minutes of voice to make emergency calls from the device (only in watches , and pendant / key ring ). Once the 10 minutes included in the service have been consumed , the minutes will be billed separately at € 0.20 / minute.


The SIM cards included use the Movistar telephone network so the coverage in the national territory is excellent, these SIM cards can also be used in most countries. Calls in these countries may have an additional cost.

In-door positioning

GPS technology is not capable of working inside buildings, so Nock senior watches use detected Wi-Fi networks to give an approximate position of where you are. The GPS position very accurate. Don't be scared by the margin of error when you check the position with WIFI/GSM, it is an approximate location because it is indoors. As soon as the bearer leaves the building, he will have a GPS signal again

Can I track my loved one even if we live in different locations?

Of course, that fact that you are in different locations does not mean that you cannot follow up, because with the App, you will be able to locate your loved ones, regardless of where you are.

Device shut down

The device can only be turned off from the platform by the person who performs the monitoring, in this way we avoid that the wearer of the device turns it off making monitoring it not possible.

No Positions appear

Sometimes the device does not seem to work as it does not send positions. We must make sure that it is charged and we are in an area with telephone coverage. If we are inside a building or covered, leave the building and take a short walk and the device will send you positions

How many people can track the user?

With the App, several family members can track the device, there is no limit to the number of people who can perform this function. Several relatives can simultaneously control the device from the app as well.

Is the subcription permanent?

No, you can cancel at anytime. If you stop using the device for whatever reason, you just have to contact us and request the cancellation. If later you want to reactive the service, just get in contact with us again..

Is it easy to get started?

The device comes ready to use, it is already configured so you just have to charge it and turn it on. In the box you will see a small instruction manual where it says how and where to register and activate the device. It is very simple, but for any questions you can call or email us and we will help you.

Is there a localization radius limit?

There is no limit to the location radius, as long as the device has coverage you will be able to know where it is through the app.

2. Neki Care

What is Neki Care

Neki Care is our device replacement service that helps prevent families from being left without GPS monitoring during a device replacement or repair. Neki Care service is responsible for sending a replacement device when picking up the damaged device for inspection.

Is it an included service

No. The Neki Care service must be requested by the customer in case of needing a replacement device by contacting us. Neki Care is not included in the fees or individual devices.

Neki Care cost

Requesting the Neki Care service has a cost of only € 25.

Will the replacement device be the same?

We will try to ensure that the replacement device is the same model you have . In case this is not possible, we will contact you to inform you of the model that will be delivered and how to use it.

When will I receive the replacement device?

Once you contact us and request the Neki Care service, we will inform you of the entire reception process . You will receive your replacement device the same day that the transport company picks up the device for repair.

What should I do once the service is requested?

All you have to do is have the device ready for collection by the transport company, otherwise it could incur additional costs . You do not have to do anything else, we will take care of everything .